"No one can tell you how to live better than you can."

-Margot Herzl

I am Margot Herzl, 2020 Libertarian Candidate for Colorado's House District 22. I stand for Liberty. I believe that no one can tell you how to live better than you can, and that the government’s job is to leave you free to choose your own path, while protecting your inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Property.

I live in Unincorporated Jefferson County, with my husband and our four children, whom I raise and homeschool. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2016, and have lived and worked in the Denver Metro area for most of my life. For more about me, including my political philosophy and policy positions, please see the About page.

My goal is to let you know exactly who I am, and who I would be as your House Representative. I want your vote, when -and only when- you decide I am the best available person to represent you. If you need more information, please use my Contact page! I would love to hear from you.