Allow me to introduce myself

I am Margot Herzl. I live in unincorporated Jefferson County Colorado with my husband, and our four children whom I raise and homeschool. I am a mother, a wife, and a patriot. I unapologetically support the American Founding, and American Liberty.

My independent study of political and philosophical topics has led to my involvement in local politics, and in the Colorado Libertarian Party. I have served on the board of the Jefferson County LP Affiliate since its founding in April, 2019, first as Secretary, and currently as Vice Chair.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2016 with a degree in Linguistics from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and have spent most of my life in and around the Denver area. I worked 12 years as a private music instructor, and nearly 10 years as an administrator in a pediatric dental office.

Central Campaign Issue:

I have a variety of ideas (see below) for increasing accountability for Colorado law-makers, both with regard to the number of bills passed each year, and with regard to the Safety Clause. I also hope to decrease the regulatory burdens on businesses, in order to promote the flourishing of private enterprise, and of our Colorado Community. However, these considerations have been eclipsed in recent weeks/months by something much more pressing and important:

Stop with the Crazy.

I doubt it has escaped anyone's notice at this point in time that the world has gone completely nuts. The USA has split along dichotomous lines on every issue, and not only has the middle ground disappeared, but there is no tolerance for dissent of any kind. The two sides will not speak to each other, only about each other, and we are fast dissolving into a nation of people who can no longer be a Nation.

I am not naive enough to believe that a legitimate middle ground exists in all cases, and it may be necessary to decide our various disputes in one direction or the other, once and for all. However, we will never be able to work out the truth and come to any agreement regarding our Nation's future if we cannot speak to each other.

My goals in this regard are as follows:

1. End political violence in all its forms, so that we can speak openly to those with whom we disagree without fear for our safety.

2. Bring civility and respect back to political conversation by asking that we begin with the assumption that others are motivated, as I believe most are, by a desire to make a better world.

3. Promote understanding by asking both sides to listen to one another from the perspective that each side has legitimate stakes and concerns in the conversation. We need to understand one another's perspectives and correctly identify the problem before we can attempt to solve it.

Specific Campaign Issues:

Accountability for Law-Makers -
The Colorado Legislature passes hundreds of bills each year, and I have heard law-makers admit that they do not always read every bill all the way through. I would like to introduce a bill to require representatives to attest in writing that they have read and understood the text of a bill in full before casting a vote in favor of that bill.

The Safety Clause -
By default - according to Colorado's Constitution - every bill passed by the Legislature is supposed to be subject to petition by the people of Colorado, meaning that the people have the right to overturn the law if they should so choose. However, a decision by the Colorado Supreme Court allows law-makers to use a Safety Clause in place of the petition clause if they deem a specific bill to involve an immediate threat to public health and safety. The Safety Clause has been abused to the point of farce - for decades it was included in every single bill the Legislature passed, and while its use has decreased (around 40% of 2019 bills included the Safety Clause), it is still used for things as trivial as re-naming a university, or offering a tax exemption on fertilizer.

Give us Back our Freedom.
Coloradans are suffering under a huge regulatory burden. Whether from the perspective of business, housing, zoning, education, or labor, there are too many areas of life in which our free choices have been usurped by the State. I want to get our freedom back, and I aim to spearhead the repeal of as many overreaching regulations as possible.

Article V Convention, Term Limits -
I believe that corruption in Washington has reached a point where we cannot rely on politicians to rein themselves in. The desire to stay in office seems to supercede any better judgment that Representatives and Senators might otherwise exhibit. I therefore support an Article V Convention for the purpose (in part) of establishing term limits for Congress within the text of the US Constitution.

My Political Philosophy

I believe…
That the ends of human existence “consist in happiness,” and that “happiness consists in virtue,” as stated by John Adams (who in turn quoted Aristotle). I believe that there are many valid ideas of what virtue looks like, and as many versions of happiness as there are people. Therefore all people should be free to choose the path that they believe will lead them to a happy life.

I believe…
…in the non-aggression principle, which states that none may initiate the use of force against another’s Life, Liberty, or Property. Force may be used in defense against an aggressor.

I believe…
…in the Free Market. I believe that Capitalism – which describes the human activity of engaging in voluntary economic transactions – is the best economic system, because it is the only system in which all people are free to make their own decisions.

I believe…
…in Voluntarism. I believe that the government should not stand in the way of any voluntary transaction or contract between consenting adults, so long as that contract does not violate the non-aggression principle.

I believe…
…in the separation of church and state, by which I mean that the institutions which are our moral teachers cannot make law, and the institution which makes our laws cannot be our moral teacher.

My beliefs deviate from the Libertarian Party platform of government non-intervention on the issue of Abortion. I believe that pre-birth humans are living humans, and as such deserve to have their Right to Life protected by law.

Past and Present Policy Positions:

Proposition CC and the TABOR Amendment.
I believe TABOR (the Taxpayer’s Bill Of Rights) contains essential protections for Colorado taxpayers – including voter approval for tax increases and debt, and limits on the growth of government spending. Proposition CC was an attempt to abolish TABOR protections, stripping taxpayers of the right to consent. I opposed it. For more information, click here.

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.
The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV) is an attempt to move from the electoral vote system to a popular vote system in Presidential elections. I believe in the principles of Federalism, and do not believe the President should be elected by popular vote. In addition, while the NPV is legal, strictly speaking, I do not believe it is in the spirit of the Constitution to approach a systemic change of this magnitude through a back-door provision. For further discussion, click here.

If there are additional Colorado policies on which you would like my opinion, please feel free to submit a question through the Contact page!