Ultrasonic Washing Solutions

Ultrasonic Washing Solutions For Anilox Rolls And Other Machinery Parts


Ultrasonic cleaning provides unique advantages for cleaning anilox rolls, flexographic printing press parts, and other machinery components. This equipment will allow for a hands-off cleaning method that is gentle but comprehensive.

Ultrasonic parts washers are especially useful for lifting stuck-on residues and particles from grooved or engraved surfaces. This is accomplished without manual or mechanical parts, but rather through a passive, technology-driven process. It’s remarkably effective and especially relevant for maintaining the engraved cells on printing cylinders and other finely textured machine parts.

Ultrasonic washing solutions work by using high-frequency vibration and special cleaning liquid to loosen particles at the molecular level. This eliminates the need for brushes, harsh solvents, and more aggressive cleaning methods. The process is gentle but very thorough. It’s also automated, amounting to a significant reduction in labor, safety hazards, and downtime between printing and processing jobs. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is able to remove notably tough, highly-pigmented residues, like dried ink, paint, and dye. It will also remove contaminants like rust. 

The process starts as the anilox roll, gravure web, or other part is loaded into the ultrasonic washing unit. It’s placed in a special basket or chamber, which is then lowered into a tank of cleaning solution. With some units, the part may be loaded directly into the tank, which later fills with liquid. Most ultrasonic cleaners offer some degree of motorization for loading and unloading.

The machine will then produce an oscillation vibration via a generator and compressed air. The vibration is transferred to the cleaning tank, where it creates microscopic bubbles that lift the stuck-on residue and break it down. This process is helped by the cleaning solution, which can include a variety of detergent-based mixtures. There is no need for potentially hazardous solvents and other harsh chemicals for this cleaning method. Ultrasonic washers are considered a more environmentally-friendly approach to anilox roll cleaning for this reason.

Solvents can still be used as the liquid cleaning solution in this equipment. In some cases, it’s possible to use milder solvent-based solutions and concentrations. All cleaning liquids are fully maintained in the ultrasonic parts unit, which prevents evaporative loss and release of potentially harmful vapors. Emptying the tank for proper drainage disposal, waste treatment, recovery, or recycling can be automated and continuous. 

The cleaning process is usually completed in a matter of minutes. All cleaning cycles are computer-controlled to ensure consistent results. The efficiency of the process allows for easier upkeep of machinery parts and the ability to switch jobs faster, which will then foster increased output. Print quality is better maintained, as well. The molecular-level breakdown of particles on the print cylinder surface will facilitate better ink transfer coverage, color density, and overall integrity.    

Anilox cleaners are just one type of ultrasonic washing solution. This same technology is used to remove contaminants, stains, rust, and other types of surface corrosion from metal parts. The passive, non-abrasive cleaning action is suitable for use on a wide range of materials and part types, particularly those that cannot be safely or thoroughly cleaned using conventional chemicals or tools.

There is considerable variation across different ultrasonic cleaning machinery. One of the main feature variations is the load capacity, which dictates the size and number of parts that can enter the machine for one cleaning cycle.

It’s important to assess part specifics when considering an ultrasonic cleaner. For example, larger capacity anilox roll cleaners can accommodate up to eight print cylinders on a single cycle, while others are meant for fewer rolls and smaller parts.

This equipment can be purchased from dedicated industrial equipment manufacturers and authorized suppliers of machinery-based parts washing solutions.