PCCA Journal 3rd Quarter 2013 - page 11

PCCA Journal|3
Quarter 2013
• Identify and evaluate all changes
• Identify cost and schedule implications of changes
• Use changes as an opportunity to sell increased value
• Maintain an appropriate balance between capturing all
changes and maintaining positive client relationships
Build Sample Project
Job Set-Up, Safety, and Logistics for Power and
Communications Industry
• Discuss the unique challenges of working in the power and
communications industry; remote location and residential
• Special equipment, tools, and materials
• Plan for safety
• Technical consideration
Build Sample Project
Standards and Best Practices
• Explain the benefits of identifying and using standard pro-
cedures derived from best practices
• Use flow-charting to understand, develop, and improve
standard procedures on the project or in your company
• Communicate standard procedures to project teams
• Establish a team culture in which best practices are em-
braced and leveraged
• Identify situations in which it is appropriate to use non-
standard procedures
Build Sample Project
Team Debriefing
Day 4 - January 16, 8 am - 3 pm
Safety Focus
Ethics and Integrity in Project Management
• Leverage the project management role into a key client
relationship anchor
• Build relationships with existing clients leading to repeat
work opportunities
Sample Project Closeout
• Discuss lessons learned that can be applied back in the real
• Test the projects
Stand and Deliver
• As communicators, all project managers need to have
exemplary presentation skills
• Presentation skills are a life skill—you need them in your
life, not just at work
Develop Your Personal Action Plan
• Write specific action items that will be tracked and moni-
tored over a specified period of time
• Differentiate between personal action items and items that
will be addressed organizationally as suggestions for your
• Require each participant to share one action item with the
Be a Project Leader, Not a Project Witness
• Improve the use of your own personal style to lead others
to make changes back on the job
• Use the participant manual by adding to it and referring to
• Refer to the PCCA Handbook for articles that will guide
you as you try out your toolbox
• Understand and believe that each participant now has
the tools and potential to not only lead projects, but to be
recognized as a leader in his or her firm
Program Evaluations
About FMI
FMI is a leading provider of management consulting, invest-
ment banking, and research to the engineering and construc-
tion industry. The firm works in all segments of the industry
providing clients with value-added business solutions.
FMI’s provides instructors to the PCCA Project Manager
Academy who are committed to bringing their talents, energy,
and passion together to develop world-class project delivery
experts in the construction industry. The faculty includes
senior-level FMI staff who possess both project management
knowledge and direct construction experience. In addition to
coaching at the Project Manager Academy, the instructors are
highly respected consultants, authors, and thought leaders in
the construction industry around the world.
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