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PCCA Journal|3
Quarter 2013
Details of PCCA Project Manager Academy, January 13-16
in Atlanta, are being finalized and will be mailed to all PCCA
members shortly and will be posted at
PCCA Project Manager Academy Agenda
Day 1 - January 13, 8 am - 6 pm
Safety Focus
Welcome & Introduction
• Introduce individuals and articulate objectives
• Link project management outcomes with corporate perfor-
• Identify communication behaviors in a team-building
Management AND Leadership
• Define a “good” project manager
• Differentiate between leadership and management
• Relate the importance of motivating and energizing your
team to their performance
Project Planning/Project Introduction
• Have the ability to develop a complete end-to-end project
delivery plan
• Organize and structure project plan information for com-
municating with the project team
• Effectively document the project plan
• Identify, address, manage, and understand project plan at-
tributes, qualitatively and quantitatively
Project Start-Up
• Generate and gain positive project momentum
• Identify and share key project issues, strategies, methods
and milestones
• Make use of checklists
• Initiate effective communication with the project team
• Create and maintain a cooperative team environment
Personal Feedback: ProScan & 360° Feedback
• Understand the importance of feedback in personal and
professional development
• Understand the impact of organizational culture on honest
• Understand how PDP and 360° feedback are used at the
• Adjust working and communication strategies based on
personal strengths and weaknesses
Team Debriefing
• Focus on completing PDP/360 feedback questions and
Day 2 - January 14, 8 am - 7:30 pm
Safety Focus
Customer-Focused Construction
• Understand the value of the customer
• Use tools to develop an appropriate, client-centered re-
sponse to issues
• Implement a customer-focused strategy for your project
and firm
Time Management
• Understand that it’s about self-management more than
time management
• Discover the keys to delegation and prioritization
• Understand the importance of life balance and its contribu-
tion to our overall productivity
• Gain insight into personal strengths and weaknesses re-
garding your mastery of time
Sample Project Preparation
Build Sample Project and Owner Presentations
Billings, Cash Flow, and Closeout
• Continually monitor and act on the current cash situation
• Billing accurately and promptly
• Learn to drive everything on a project to closure
Build Sample Project
Team Debriefing
• Focus on delivering plus/delta feedback to each other (par-
ticipants) based on their performance on sample project
and their PDP/360 feedback sessions
Day 3 - January 15, 8 am - 7:30 pm
Safety Focus
Change Order Management
PCCA Project Manager Academy
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