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PCCA Journal|4
Quarter 2011
Year-End Product Showcase
romising no more
chains and no more
unreliable mecha-
nisms, Pengo has
released a totally redesigned
Combo Drill Bucket for drilling
operations. The drill bucket cou-
ples an automatic and manual
trip-release for ease of use on
both European and conven-
tional drill rigs. The bucket has
a heavy-duty hinge design, large
radial vent, and a patent-pending, cam-actuated plunger rod.
The fully isolated actuator is not exposed to drilling spoils.
The Pengo drill bucket features double cutting bottoms
available with interchangeable rock and dirt heads that have
auto-close actions. The close action is controlled by the
patent-pending “scissor grab,” which assures a safe locking
door. The bucket is designed to be used with Kelly boxes
from 4 inches to 200mm and can be built to accompany spe-
cial drilling needs.
Vermeer Corporation
ermeer Corporation introduces for 2012 a
new horizontal directional drill for the unique
demands of mixed ground conditions, includ-
ing rock. The D36x50R Series II with MAGnum
technology is designed from the drawing table of the popular
D36x50 Series II Navigator HDD but has been modified to ac-
commodate the distinct rock drilling technologies.
The D36x50R Series II is equipped with the rock-focused
MAGnum drilling system. Using rapidly rotating magnets of
alternating polarity within the carriage assembly, a high-
frequency percussive action is generated to fracture and ef-
fectively bore through tough formations, including solid rock.
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