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PCCA Journal|4
Quarter 2011
Member News
herman & Reilly has started a revolution, bring-
ing an entirely new approach to overhead and
underground power line installation. The result
of 85 years of experience, the Sherman & Reilly
revolution is making linemen’s jobs safer, their
labor more efficient, and their equipment better utilized.
“S&R is undergoing a transformation, combining 85 years
of heritage with a renewed commitment to innovation and
revolutionizing the products with which it serves the mar-
ket,” company CEO Mike Dunn said.
S&R products that carry the Revolution Series label include
the T2608 Bullwheel Tensioner, U7500 Underground Bull-
wheel Puller, HPLW-1004 Multi-Drum Turret Puller, CP-50
Compact Puller, and Fastrap Universal Cross Arm Bracket.
“S&R, after assessing the market, observing the users of
its products, and examining 40 years of product records, de-
veloped an approach to new product design that emphasizes
safety, efficiency, and ergonomics,” Dunn said. “Safe-Zone
Cabs have become an integral part of new product design.
It’s not only getting the operator off of the ground, it’s
creating an operating environment that ensures the opera-
tor remains enclosed when the equipment is in operation.
The only
exception is
through the
use of the
digital, wire-
less remote
The S&R Safe-Zone Cab is
a signature feature of the se-
ries, and some configuration
of the cab is found on every
piece of equipment. The cab
keeps operators secure, pro-
tected, and off the ground
when the equipment is in
use. The cabs are equipped
with fully adjustable, ergo-
nomic seats and full sets
of controls, monitors, and
gauges. The benefits include
reduced operator fatigue, faster task completion, reduced
risk of operator error, reduced risk of “touch potential” in
energized environments, and improved communications due
to the quieter environment.
Revolution Series equipment also boasts a low center
of gravity so as to improve on-the-road stability, intuitive
electronic controls, hydraulically powered booms that are
positioned by the operator using a joystick, video displays
in the cab showing the view from boom-mounted cameras,
and wireless remote controls. Booms on the machines have a
nearly 180-degree positioning arc, which reduces the need for
trailer re-positioning.
“Our strategy and plan going forward is a continuation of
what we’ve started: innovating safe and efficient products,
modernizing our systems and processes, and delivering a great
customer experience,” Dunn said. “It is a revolution.”
rawick Construction (a Quanta
Services Company) is ex-
cited to announce that it has
reached 1,000,000 safe work hours.
Measurement of safe work hours is
documented using the Occupational
Health and Safety Administration re-
porting logs, which list all injuries and
illnesses throughout the company.
“The proactive attitudes our employ-
ees have towards our safety program
is the principle reason for us reaching
the 1,000,000 hour mark,” Trawick
Construction Safety Director Phillip
Metcalf said. “Their proactive partici-
pation fuels a safety-minded culture
and keeps everyone involved in our
safety processes.”
Trawick Construction, headquar-
tered in Chipley, Fla., is an award-
winning infrastructure contractor with
projects across the United States.
Sherman & Reilly Unveils the Revolution Series
Trawick Achieves One Million Safe Work Hours