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Chadwick Arboretum

For any alumni, one of the most lasting impressions of their college experience and one which tends to be deeply rooted in their memories with strong images is the beautiful trees, flowers, buildings, green spaces and the general nature of the campus. Due to this reason many schools have transformed themselves into centers of outstanding beauty via designing and developing arboretums and botanical gardens. These beautiful sanctuaries have proved to be useful to the students by providing the best places of study, meditation and even some educational research.  It is the ultimate place to be to see how flower, trees and grass grow in silence while also watching the stars, moon and sun as they move in silence.


Established on July 11, 1980, Chadwick Arboretum and learning gardens, Ohio State University have been designated as a learning garden not only for the students but for the public as well.  This 60 acres exquisite garden is home to unique plant collections, with annuals and perennials trees and shrubs.  Chadwick Arboretum currently consists of over 3000 trees and woody plants representing some 135 genera, close to 400 separate species and hybrids, and also close to 350 cultivars. A special collection of native Ohio trees, willows and conifers and Buckeyes are just but a few attractions featured at Chadwick Arboretum. Among its unique collection, the arboretum has one state champion tree and also a Greek fir(Abies cephalonica)  Chadwick arboretum also plays host to a pollinator garden in the Prairie Plant research and monarch butterfly Waystation which serves a the ultimate paradise for some beautiful butterflies and native bees.


The core mission of the garden is to foster and advance the knowledge of students in horticultural studies while also serving as a learning resource about plants for both the students and the general public. Chadwick Arboretum consists of three main areas which are:


The learning gardens- it serves as an outdoor laboratory for both teaching and research mission. Through the utilization of the various plant materials in the garden it has been able to facilitate horticultural, architectural landscape and entomology studies for students.


The Arboretum North-what’s the essence of nature if not enjoying it; the Arboretum north is the gem for nature lovers. The facility which includes a diverse willow collection plus a 3.5-acre research lake has proven to be the ultimate site for picnicking and fishing.

 Chadwick Arboretum
232 Howlett Hall, 2021 Fyffe Court
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 688-3479

Lane Avenue gardens-these gardens go back to 1979 where they included several acres of the garden along Lane Avenue.  The garden served as the new home to plantings which were brought from the old horticulture gardens.  Later in 1980, the garden was dedicated in honour of Dr Lewis C. Chadwick for teaching and research purpose.


The arboretum which also features a Chartres style labyrinth is truly the ultimate place for learning, meditation and reflection.

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