APCA Journal 4th Quarter 2020

ST-150X | 15,000 lbs ST-220XR | 22,000 lbs ST-220X | 22,000 lbs ST-300X | 30,000 lbs Crawler Carriers for Any Task Superior Manufacturing is a trademark of Worldwide Machinery. Email us at contact@superiormftg.com or vi sit superiormftg.com Introducing All-new Crawler Carriers from Superior Three load carrying capacities: 15,000, 22,000 and 30,000 lbs Swappable tracks: Install rubber or steel u/c depending on soil conditions. Swappable cabins: Change cabin to accommodate a two-person crew. Modular Bed System: Change the bed to fit your needs, see options below! Flatbed Welding Rig HD Bed w/ Dump Sandblasting Rig And more!