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I have actually worked in the SEO field for a while. While some things in the digital marketing market change rapidly (Google algorithms, customer expectations, digital innovation), something sure has n'twhen I inform an entrepreneur (or a good friend, or a household member) that I operate in SEO, I get the very same 2 concerns I've been getting because I started my profession: and Seeing as SEO is such a requirement for any sort of digital marketing success, I want to set the record directly regarding what, precisely, an SEO companyor a minimum of one like Blue Coronaactually does.

First, let's clarify what SEO even is. SEO means search engine optimization, which is the process of increasing a websites's search rankings in order to increase online presence. Now, I say a "legit" SEO firm because in the online world there are two basic kinds of SEO: black-hat SEO and white-hat SEO.

Best SEO Company Los Angeles
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Black-hat SEO involves shady techniques that can get you to the top, but not for longand these techniques are typically harming to your long-lasting existence (more on that later). What goes into white-hat SEO? Well, there are more than 200 elements that enter into what makes a page rank high up on the search results page page, however the ones that matter the most (and the ones white-hat SEO focuses on) are: How do we influence all these aspects? Tactically.

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A good SEO company (like ours, for example) should normally include the following in their SEO contract: Website structure analysis Site material analysis, consisting of conversion rate analysis Off-page online analysis Optimization of site code and structure Optimization of onsite material Optimization of off-page elements While Google and the other major online search engine (who do not really deserve mention, though I know Bing is attempting actually hard) stress that they desire you to design your websites for users instead of online search engine, let's face it it needs to be structured correctly for the engines to read if you ever wish to get those users.

You need a guaranteed site even if you do not take charge card payments online because Google gives protected websites choice in the search engine result. We search for existing analytics tracking, and if there is none, we install it so we can much better track where your leads and sales are originating from.

Best SEO company Los Angeles
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Best SEO company in Los Angeles
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Best SEO agency Los Angeles
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